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Magic does exist! It's in the form of a Mild Spiced Up Mix! Enjoy mild herbs & spices curated perfectly for children and adults alike.This is a delicate, aromatic blend that still packs a fistful of outrageous flavours.


    With an amazing three decade long pilgramage to identify and select the exact quantities of many different spices and herbs to deliver award worthy dishes. You'll be the Master Chef for sure! It's a great start. So, let's do this!


    Warning: We cannot be held responsible for lapses in self-control or those "unplanned" sneaky late night, self indulgent visits to the refrigerator for just one more tasty morsel, or the mother-in-law wanting to be invited for curry!


    Tips: Follow the recipe closely, but always make a little bit extra! They WILL be asking for seconds. Always keep your bag sealed and store in a cool dry place. The spice blend can be kept in the freezer but be sure to seal the bag completely.



    Were so sure you will love Spiced Up, that on the odd chance you dont, we will give you a FULL REFUND or REPLACEMENT. 

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