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Magic BBQ Rub
  • Magic BBQ Rub


    Are you tired of your BBQ rubs being 70% salts and sugars? We are! So we made our own. Season your meat to your hearts content without the excess salts. The result is succulent meat that is bursting with flavour.


    This premium spice blend is suitable for the family and contains no chilli. Find our "Spiced BBQ Rub" if you want something with some heat. 


    DRY RUB: simply pat meat dry with paper towel and rub surface with our Magic BBQ Rub.  MARINADE: mix 1tbsp oil with 3 tbsp Magic BBQ Rub.

    Add salt to taste. 


    Our Magic BBQ Rub pairs best with lamb, chicken. Our favourite way to use this blend is a dry rub on lamb chops, or a marinade on a roast chicken. However, you can get creative with this one. We even put 1tsp in our Spag Bowl for an extra boost of flavour. YUM! 


    Our "Magic" and "Spiced" range of products are designed to work together. Meaning you can combine them to make a new third flavour or use them individually. 


    • Ingredients

      Our Magic BBQ Rub is a sensational 150g blend of;

      Cumin, Coriander, Garlic, Onion, Smoked Paprika, Sweet Paprika, White Pepper, Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, Mustard Powder, Granulated Garlic. 

    • Storage Instructions

      Must be stored in a cool, dry place. Store in freezer or airtight container once opened. Use within 2 weeks of opening. This blend contains Garlic and Onion powder which can clump together if moisture gets into the bag. Store sealed at all times. 

    • Allergen Advice

      This blend contains Onion and Garlic. Our Magic BBQ Rub is made with equipment that may contain traces of Gluten, Dairy, Nuts and other allergens. While we take extra precautions to avoid allergen contamination, we can not guarantee that our products are completely allergen free. 

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