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Our HOT Spiced Up blend makes incredible curry incredibly easy! An aromatic blend of spices curated perfectly to deliver that desired little tingle on your tongue and keep that fire burning in the souls of the bold! The guesswork has been eliminated and replaced with a pouch of ready to go love and confidence. So dive right into this lovely warm, aromatic Spiced Up blend. Let's do this!


    Blended for those that desire and have a little more fire in their soul, and my personal favourite. This beautiful blend is intended to put a little tingle on the toungue, not leave it paralised! There are many years of trial by fire in this bag that has resulted in an outstanding combination of a little extra chilli with many other cracking spices.

    Here, as with all the other spice blends we have aimed at delivering a stress free, enjoyable and award worthy dish. It's all done for you in this little bag of magic powders. 


    Warning: We cannot be held responsible for your will power crumbling or hungry neighbours banging down your door requesting dinner! Whoever you feed will request sedconds, they always do in my home!


    Tips: This bag of magic can be used for a range of beautifull curries from fish to vegetable, and almost everything inbetween. Now that's versatility. Keep the opened bag in a cool dry place after being opened. You can also store it in the freezer as long as it has been properly sealed. Try to follow the free recipe as this will lead to great results but also feel free to dream up anything your heart desires. 

    NOTE: This Spicedup Blend is 100% Vegan Friendly!



    Were so sure you will love Spiced Up, that on the odd chance you dont, we will give you a FULL REFUND or REPLACEMENT. 

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