Our Journey So Far....

The journey to get to where we are now has been an exciting, rewarding and fulfilling one. Spiced Up started by selling small ziplock bags of SPICED UP to work colleagues, neighbours, friends and family. At this time, we didn't even have a name for Spiced Up, it was just known as Marc's Curry Blend or 'omg, your dads curry!'

As time went on, we realised we are sitting on a goldmine... We hadn't seen anybody doing what we're doing - a completely signature spice blend.. not a 'butter chicken' or something we have seen done millions of times before!~ So we spent almost a year getting our business model right, our branding right, our website right, all these things are what would bring Spiced Up to life - to have an online store with products delivered to your door in a convenient, affordable way. Of course, as we went on we realised that this brand is evolving and as such, the website and products have evolved with us, we are constantly innovating and making improvements to what already is.

Our goal has always remained the same and consists of 3 major components.

Firstly, our main goal is to inspire creativity in the kitchen. We have veered so far from the conscious, almost meditative manner in which we used to prepare food - we aim to bring you closer with decadent food in a way that is not intimidating but still rewarding. We have done the guesswork, now you get to have fun with it!!