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About Us

From our family to yours..

Our Durban Curry spice blend is where it all began. After many years of trial and error, we finally perfected our family's Durban Curry Blend, which quickly became a weekly dinner in our household. It was a meal that warmed the heart, so comforting and delicious. 

We started giving away bags of our Spice blend to friends and family, at that stage it was called 'Marc's Curry Blend'. The feedback was incredible, and before we knew it my dad was busy blending spices all the time. Our friends and family just couldn't get enough! So we decided to give the people what they wanted, and packaged up our blend in an easy to use, all inclusive bag that had everything for novice home cooks to create extra-ordinary flavours at home. Seriously, it beats Take Out, by far.. 

Deciding to share a piece of our family with yours has been the most rewarding and fulfilling journey yet. We have created a community that enjoys all things Spiced Up. We have met incredible people along the way, and we are so grateful to everybody who has supported us thus far. We have big things coming and we can not thank you for supporting our small, family run business.

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