Cooking a great curry requires many things, it's art, a performing art, requiring the experience to blend the herbs and spices and other ingredients to create a truly remarkable and memorable meal. As the conductor of an orchestra brings several instruments together to bring a masterpiece to life and move you. We intend to make you the conductor and gently bring the entire arrangement together directing your Spiced Up blends and other ingredients to produce a culinary masterpiece in your kitchen.

I have been a curry lover for over 40 years and believe me, I've had a few disastrous curries. It was only when I started to experiment with flavours and ingredients that I realised the daunting task it could be for someone to blend ALL these spices and cook a great meal. The Spiced Up blends give you the trifecta, flavour, colour and convenience. No need to go out and buy many different herbs and spices, the Spiced Up blend has done just that for you! Let's be honest, how many herbs and spices have been sitting in that spice rack for so long and gone way past the "best before" date. With the new Spiced Up blends, you take what you need, rezip the bag and freeze it! NO Fuss, its ALL done in one bag for you, saving you money too.

The best curry is a fusion of flavours and wonderful textured layers created by the deliberate combination of good ingredients and of course, patience. The Spiced Up blend, is the foundation in the process. Every recipe we share is just a guide, feel free to build on them and allow your creativity to flow to your desired result. Also, we have tried to take the mystery and guesswork out of the spices and herbs by developing a blend that is so versatile that it can be used from meat curries to vegan curries. With the addition of a few extra goodies that you probably have waiting on that spice rack and your fridge you could take your Spiced Up blend in a totally different direction again. If you do, please share it with our Spiced Up family! Furthermore, in today's trying economic times, we at Spiced Up bring you a blend in a bag that is capable of producing several meals from one bag at a very reasonable budget.

I have intentionally developed these spice blends to cater for the sensitivity and tolerance of most pallets. I have spent hundreds of hours cooking curries for my family, friends and their children to get the correct blend for varying tastes and tolerance to heat. The development process will continue while we add exciting, vibrant blends and recipes for you, so be sure to visit us regularly or watch out for updates and giveaways on our social media platforms. Whilst curry is a passion, the world of beautiful aromatic spices is far reaching, not confined by borders, and as a result, we are looking to diversify the range to satisfy the pallets of other customers, their cuisines and cultures. There are some exciting products coming to you shortly!

And finally, trust yourself, enjoy yourself and enjoy the love you'll be giving to yourself, family and friends. These are dishes that are meant to be shared but I can't be held responsible for those little lapses of self control when you decide to be a little self-indulgent in the kitchen when everyone has gone to bed to thank the curry gods for your newfound skills. Those little sneaky bowls of late night seconds are occasionally simply unavoidable. ​SpicedUp is the essence of comfort food.

Regards: Marc and Simone. Spiced Up Founders.

So, be good to yourselves, but more importantly, be good to others, and give them a Spiced Up curry!





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